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  If map not displaying then view at APRS Direct - https://www.aprsdirect.com
  An alternate map site is aprs.fi site - https://aprs.fi/#!lat=-26.25670&lng=152.73670
The Gympie area digpeater is operated by Roger - VK4BNQ. It runs 24/7 and forms part of the national APRS network.
Below, an animation of typical APRS traffic through Gympie showing
the RF paths to the IGATE station - VK4UN-1 via the VK4BNQ-1 Digipeater.
Typical APRS trafic with radio paths

The Club's 2 metre Repeater - VK4RCM also uses APRS to report battery voltage, shack temperature and position.
More info on the Club Repeaters - HERE
List of All APRS map symbols - HERE

Australian National APRS Frequencies
HF 7036 KHz, 10151 KHz, 14103 KHz
2m 145.175 MHz

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