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The Gympie Communications & Electronics Group are able to assist schools, council, SES, and other organisations in the local community with communication assistance, particularly out in the field. The photos below are from a recent outdoor activity held by a school that required some extra comms to assist with the safety of the students participating in the event.

The event ran for 3 hours - the audio link has been condensed to give you a short sample of our procedures and clear radio communications. For this event we setup our portable repeater on a nearby hilltop. The Club has many options and frequencies available to cover short local distances to several hundred kilometres to a national level via HF radio. Even data (unencrypted messages) can be sent if required. This could include an APRS position on a map as per our APRS page.

Audio Sample MP3 File from an event at the Glastonbury Campgrounds area.

Please contact the Club for more information about how we can assist you. See the Contact Us page.

Comms Base Station - Click to enlarge
Base Radios - Click to enlarge
Comms Base Station
Radio setup at Base
The group at the Comms Base - Click to enlarge
Our Portable Repeater in service - Click to enlarge
The group at the Comms Base
Our Portable Repeater in service
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If you need assistance with communications or would like to help or join our group, please contact us now.

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